NYC Spotlight: presenting The Gay Blades

I hope that all you NYCers have at least heard this name passing through someone’s lips recently.  These guys are gaining loads of hype. (Point proven I logged onto and somewhere through today’s stalking of the website for good tunes, an ad popped up that told me to DL their new album, Savages….well played pop-up, well played…but I already gots it.) 

The duo, made up of drummer Puppy Mills (Quinn English) and singer/guitarist Clark Westfield (James Wells) has been wreaking havoc for a few years now.  As afore-mentioned within my first post – I am an a-hole and just started this blogging thing, millenia too late….but I’d like to pay The Gay Blades hommage….better now than never! 

The Gay Blades

True Love.

The last time I saw these guys play was this past Wednesday night at The Studio at Webster Hall.  The first few times I saw these guys play was about 2-3 years ago, in and out of sketchtastic little bars around the CT area.  It’s the age old cliche – not much as changed, but at the same time, a lot has. 

Their debut album, Ghosts, is one of those raw and passionate trash-rock-n-roll albums.  James’ vocals are the epitomy of emotion, cracking throughout the lyrics.  Drums and guitar are all that is needed.  However, Savages introduces a new side to be seen of the group.  Many of the songs encorporate additional instruments, such as keys, sax, trumpet, and even a little violin.

Even with all these new bits added, it doesn’t take away an inch of what makes The Gay Blades, well…The Gay Blades.  What makes Puppy and Clark so amazing is the fact that they have such a visible passion, and the bond/amazing duo-powers are still as strong as ever.

Their single off the album, “Try To Understand” is a perfect example.  It’s brilliant – it’s the old and the new combined.  It’s funky fresh…trash-pop and danceable with some new instruments added, and still showcases the brilliance of Clark’s voice and the drumming skills of the notorious P. Mills.  They will always be the epitomy of two best friends, doing something that they do best.

And no matter what – The Gay Blades always put on a memorable show.  And I don’t say that lightly.  When they play, their intensity and passion for their music shine through.  It washes over and spills into the crowd.  Combined with the random banter of James and the people sprinkled throughout, you really won’t forget ever seeing these gents play live (unless you were wasted – in which that’s a different story entirely).

They are completely comfortable on the stage, and it’s where they are meant – and hopefuly will continue – to be.

Kudos, gents.


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One Comment

  1. Ste replied:

    I wholeheartedly concur. But you knew that.

    Also, they always seem to play places with relatively cheapo beer: Southpaw > $1 Colt 45’s. Studio > $3 PBR. Compare this to the $10 Bud I payed for at Irving Plaza on Tuesday night and you have another reason TGB rule….sort of. Nice work!

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